Daily Thoughts 2021-04-20 Tuesday

This cat!

Today, simply this: when we feel stuck, like we don’t know what to do next or why or how, often it’s not that we’re actually stuck in any practical way. Instead, we’re often stuck emotionally. We’re tired or scared or just plain frustrated, so even though we have options, we have trouble consciously considering them, let alone acting on them.

No matter how stuck we might feel, if we really, honestly examine the state of things and our position within that situation, there is just about always going to be something within our control that we can do to move things in the desired direction.

I’ve spent far too much of my life feeling stuck, especially in the last year. And when I feel that way, I remind myself to look at things more closely, to break it all down until I’ve got something manageable that I can do, today, to make a positive difference. And even if I don’t have the energy or resolve to act on it, there is always, always something actionable I can find.

A long time ago someone reminded me that the best way to start is to do what you can with what you have, starting now. It bears repeating often.

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