Declare War

From 2011, during my brief stint in slam poetry. I may record a reading if there's interest. Know is this: you are an empire of one. A singular sovereign nation…

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Diving into Shojin Ryori

Shojin ryori, put simply, is Japanese Buddhist cuisine. Written 精進料理, the first two characters indicate devotion, diligence, and an adherence to a vegetarian diet, while the latter two characters indicate…

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At this point, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve deleted and later reestablished this site or other, older incarnations of my blog. The cycle is now familiar. First, the feeling of having something to say, but not having a suitable place to put it. Next, setting up a blog and posting some things on it. Last, getting frustrated/bored/depressed and scrapping the whole thing.

Every time I set up a blog, and every time I scrap a blog, I tell myself that’s it. But the cycle repeats. I wonder if this is the time it’ll stick.


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In a Vast, Sleepy Valley

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In sleep, our world balloons endlessly as our dreams spin fibers of imagination into vast tapestries of otherness. These are shot through with pieces and parts of things drawn from…

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If inanimate objects could gain knowledge through observation, automotive headlights could scare us with what they know. They would, at very least, have an understanding of human nature and the…

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