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This is the personal site of David R Munson, a photographer, writer, and general weirdo based in the Tokyo area. And this really is strictly a personal site. No advertising, no effort put into SEO, etc. Just an online sandbox for whatever. 

Explore as you like and feel free to get in touch: davidrmunson(at)gmail(dot)com

The original blog. Tends to be actual writing and longer things.  

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Announcing: A New Life in Japan

Late last year, I posted a few times here on the subject of unfucking. That is, fixing all the stuff that’s wrong in my life in the interest of living better and being happier. Well, that whole thing has morphed...

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A Note for the End of the Year

I have not forgotten about this blog. Honestly, I’ve been in a funk and something of a personal crisis for the last couple of months, and it’s been rough. But I wanted to make a short post before the year...

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UnF № 3: Symbolic Dominos, Part I

In about a year from now, the lease on my current apartment will be up. At that time, my partner and I will be moving, either to a new apartment in the same general area, or (preferably) to our own...

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UNF № 2: Some of the Dad Bod, None of the Dad

Small patterns of behavior often evolve into fully formed habits when left unattended in the shade of our disregard. Especially so when you’re treading water every day in a sea of stress, bobbing up and down between worries big and...

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