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This is the personal site of David R Munson, a photographer, writer, and general weirdo based in the Tokyo area. And this really is strictly a personal site. No advertising, no effort put into SEO, etc. Just an online sandbox for whatever. I used to blog here somewhat regularly, and I may return to that at some point, but for now things are pretty quiet. The digital garden section is where more effort is currently concentrated.

Explore as you like and feel free to get in touch: davidrmunson(at)gmail(dot)com

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Project Intro: M’s Camera

For a while now, I’ve been thinking about a film camera for my partner. And now, I’ve got the camera, but will make a bit of a small project out of getting it just-so for her. The camera is a...

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#FlashNaNo 2021, Day 02

Amy, Trixie, and Greta sat in the screened-in porch, considering the back yard in unified silence. A sparrow alighted on the mulberry sapling shooting up from the wide crack in the patio. They watched it with rapt attention for a...

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#FlashNaNo 2021, Day 1

She smelled like soap and her the sweet-smelling perfume he remembered, the aroma now seeming slightly juvenile for her age, but still fit her spirit.

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When he stood up, a rain shadow marked where he had been sitting on the ground, cross-legged, watching the low clouds skim past the undulating hills. They had hidden the setting sun and were hastening the transition to night, abbreviating...

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