About This Site

What is this site?

An American guy living in Japan decides to take advantage of a life-changing situation and reboot his life. His aim is to get out of depression, get out of debt, get back to creative work, and build the sort of awesome life that he came to Japan to live.

This blog is all about embracing change, doing the work, and creating a meaningful second act in life. Living in Japan, he’s where he wants to be, and now it’s a matter of following the path to doing what he wants to do.

Who is this guy?

David. Born in 1982, nominally American, ostensibly an English teacher but really a childcare worker. Located in the Tokyo area. Formerly worked in photography before going abroad in 2009. In Japan and working in ESL since 2015, but yearning to get back to creative work.

Long-term depression survivor, writer, photographer, foodie who hates that word, cyclist, lover of cats.

What's the objective?

Initially, the objective is to explore how one gets un-stuck, un-fucked, and back on track. And do it. By sharing what I learn, I may be able to help others. Also, who knows what others might learn just from observing my process. I intend to get a lot out of this, and I think there’s value in sharing things so that others can learn along side me as I go. 

This includes but is not limited to the following areas, all of which can be thought of as some sort of health:

  • Physical health and fitness, including weight loss, sleep, diet, and exercise
    Mental health, particularly depression, anxiety, and RSD
    Financial health, including budgeting, minimizing costs, boosting income, paying off debt, building a secure financial future
    Creative health, including creating a robust, resilient, and highly generative creative practice that is sustainable in the long run
  • So it begins with getting healthy. And as progress is made in those areas, more attention will naturally begin to turn to longer-term plans, including but not limited to:
  • Becoming a naturalized Japanese citizen
  • Becoming fluent in Japanese
  • Achieving financial independence through entrepreneurship
  • Buying a house in the countryside and doing a full DIY renovation
  • Starting a family and being an excellent father

This blog is a long-term project. Starting in 2021, but likely to be here and be active for a long time. Not just in 2026, either, but in 2036 or even 2046.

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