№ 274 (It Begins)


This post originally appeared on a previous personal blog. I’m republishing it here with the original post date.

Traffic signal and an elevated highway in my neighborhood in Shanghai on an evening when the air quality index topped 400 (for reference, anything over 50 starts to become suspect).

Continuing what was started on my flickr many years ago. See the original A Piece of Today here.

Note added December, 2018:

A Piece of Today was a wording that I originally borrowed from someone I met a long time ago who was very important to me. I used it for various things for a long time, including the URL for this blog. Eventually I began to feel uneasy with it, though. It wasn’t mine, it was hers, and I wanted her to have it. So earlier in 2018, I transferred the URL to her, and now I’m resuming blogging here at Convergence Factor, which is wording more truly reflective of me, and not something borrowed from an old love. It feels more true to have returned to this address. 

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