Daily Thoughts 2021-04-26 Monday

The spectacular floof that is Tora

Failure! This is one way to describe my weekend, at least from the perspective of getting anything useful done. I had an ambitious to-do list for Saturday and Sunday, and accomplished almost nothing. Hell, I didn’t even start most of the things.

It’s not all bad, of course. I did a lot of walking and enjoyed time at home with my girlfriend and cat, for example. Cooked some good meals and took a nap, too.

But I didn’t tend to my wardrobe as intended, culling garments that I no longer need and putting away cold-weather clothes. That’ll have to be next weekend. As will developing film, working with the CNC laser, fixing the sewing machine, and finding a sleeping bag for my girlfriend.

I did, at least, go to the flea market for the first time in months. I was searching for a knife or two to restore, but couldn’t find any this time. Instead, I settled for a pair of old Pilot fountain pens and some scissors. These will all be restored bit by bit, the scissors coming first because I have to do research on the specific fountain pen models to ensure I don’t break them while trying to disassemble them.

The scissors I’ll be restoring
The scissors I’ll be restoring

They will all be used again, as well. When I restore items like this, it’s because I enjoy the process, but also because I want to give objects a second life. There’s no reason a 70 year old fountain pen shouldn’t be able to be written with on a daily basis. Nor is there a reason I can’t cut fabric for projects with a pair of pre-war scissors1.

Two vintage Pilot fountain pens
Two vintage Pilot fountain pens

Thursday is a national holiday, and on that day I’ll be taking a day trip with my girlfriend (hiking, so no COVID worries), which is nice, but it also means I can’t use that day to catch up on these things. She’ll be going to visit her parents next weekend, though, so Saturday and Sunday will be intense days of cleaning, organizing, and throwing away all kinds of stuff. Assuming it isn’t a failed attempt like last weekend, anyway.

  1. I don’t actually know how old the scissors are, but there’s no reason they couldn’t be that old. I will try to research the brand, to see if that affords me any clues. If the company is still in business, I’ll try to contact them to see what they can tell me. ↩︎

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