Art Nouveau Chainsaw Cozy (2019 Begins)

Already the year is speeding along. Two weeks and change on the books, which isn’t all that much, but it’s enough to have gotten the feeling that this year will be different from last year, and in important ways.

If you set your intentions clearly, sometimes the path seems to emerge naturally under your feet. That is what seems to be happening right now. At least for the time being, the way forward seems clear enough. I know what I need to be working on, and I’m working on it. There’s a ton of work to do for the foreseeable future, but part of what I’m doing is building systems that will allow me to scale back my busyness later on.

Once the machine is running, it’s mostly a matter of maintenance. Building it is the hard part.

Most people shy away from building their own machine. They’d rather be a component in someone else’s machine. It’s less responsibility, less of a huge undertaking, and they still get some of the profit.

I’d much rather build my own, though. The machine I’m part of now is ancient, inefficient, and on the verge of falling to pieces from neglect and being unable to deal with the way conditions have changed. My replacement will be lightweight and agile, sleek and pretty.

Now back to wrenching.

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