A Note for the End of the Year

I have not forgotten about this blog. Honestly, I’ve been in a funk and something of a personal crisis for the last couple of months, and it’s been rough. But I wanted to make a short post before the year runs out entirely. In the interest of brevity, bullet points:

  • On December 31, I’ll be doing my annual personal photo project, for which I make a single long-exposure photograph that starts before the stroke of midnight and ends after, so that the image spans two years. If this sounds interesting and you’d like to participate, please check it out here.
  • And on January 1, I’ll be starting a new, twice-weekly blogging project, which you can view on the site or get it straight in your inbox. Either way, give Somewhere in Japan a look.
  • The series of posts here on Convergence Factor that began under the heading of UnF (short for un-fucking) will continue in the new year. Like I said, things have been rough, but it’s not like I’m about to give up.

And for now, that’s it! See you next year!

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