№ 279: Mirror


This post originally appeared on a previous personal blog. I’m republishing it here with the original post date. 

Subjective reality is a sort of mirror. The world as we see it is a reflection of ourselves. We see what we allow ourselves to see. It is an incomplete view at first, but that also means that, if we look carefully, not only do we see ourselves as part of the world around us, we see the world around us as something contained within us. Each layer of reflection holds a broader vew. Before long, we lose sight of our own shape. Still, we know it’s in there, somewhere. After all, can’t have inside without outside, self without other.

Keep looking closer and you see more and more. It’s a feedback loop of perception that eventually explodes into each and every thing that exists reflecting and containingevery other thing that exists. Everything is permeated with everything else.

Reflection reveals interpenetration. Look long enough and you’ll see it. We are all points of light, as infinite as infinitesimal. We are shimmering dewdrops on Indra’s net.

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