Hi, I’m David. Let me tell you what this is all about. I’m an full-time English instructor in the Tokyo area, currently splitting my time between a part-time contract at my former full-time employer (referred to here as Company X), another part-time employer (referred to here as Company A) where I provide custom ESP services, and my activities aimed at getting back to creative work as a photographer and writer. As of January, 2018, I derive nearly all of my income from teaching English, but am working to change that as soon as humanly possible, making the transition away from teaching to other forms of employment. This could be done easily enough by leaving Japan and going back to the USA, where I have spent years working in the photo industry, but the whole point and challenge is to do it while remaining in Japan.

Teaching itself isn’t bad: I meet interesting people, I enjoy the challenge and variety of it, and it has allowed me the privilege of living and working in multiple countries based only on the fact that I am a native English speaker with a decent education (in other words, based on cosmic luck). However, if I ever want to have the hours, flexibility, and income I desire, I’m going to have to do something other than what amounts wage slavery for multinational language schools. In fact, I wish to establish multiple, concurrent streams of income that will allow me to do things like buy a house with my fiancée and travel all over Japan producing interesting photos, essays, books, and whatever else my brain feels like digging into.

My real passions and greatest skills lie in making things and sharing them with others. I’ve spent entirely too much of my adult life letting all sorts of bullshit steer me away from what I love and am best at, and that’s just stupid. Enough of that, already!

This blog is about the real process of getting out of corporate EFL and into running my own business(es) while remaining in Japan. Names will be omitted or changed often in the course of these writings, for various reasons. There will be posts brimming with optimistic fervor and rage-filled rants. There will be swearing and cat pictures. There will be grammatical errors and poor writing at times, unbefitting an English teacher though they may be, given the amount of fatigue I am often under these days. I apologize for the negative effects that being endlessly tired will sometimes have on my ability to put together coherent text. I will, nevertheless, try my best to deliver on content.

This page will be updated sometimes. If you feel it’s clearly out of date or needs further development, I’ve probably just forgotten about it in the chaos of everything else. Leave a comment or get in contact with me to prod me about improving it.

[Last updated 2018-01-31]