David is Downsizing

Starting mid-January 2021, I’ve decided to downsize and get rid of all of the stuff clogging up my life. Target is 50% reduction at least. Because I like to document things, I’m making this page to visually document things I’ve discarded and list a handful of things for sale. No promises on updates. 

Things I'm selling

Currently, I’m only selling things domestically within Japan, as COVID has led to a much more complicated/expensive shipping situation for the time being. Additional pictures available on request.

All rates are without shipping. Shipping only within Japan unless you’re OK with higher shipping fees and longer shipping times than usual. 

If you’re in Japan and are interested in anything listed here, send me an email at [email protected]

  • Toyo 45 G (4x5 view camera)
    Toyo 45 G (4x5 view camera) ¥10,000

    Includes storage case, extension rail, 2x base blocks, and lensboard, revolving back, and 2x extra standards (extra standards for parts)

  • Canon FT 35mm SLR
    Canon FT 35mm SLR ¥500

    Could use a little attention for restoration, but it basically works fine. Slow speeds are a bit off, but they work. Shutter speed dial a bit gummed up but works.

  • Canon FTb 35mm SLR
    Canon FTb 35mm SLR ¥1,000

    Slow speeds a little off, but not much. Everything seems to work fine. Pretty clean.

  • Pentax Spotmatic
    Pentax Spotmatic ¥3,000

    Everything seems to work as it should, haven't found any problems. Viewfinder is very clean.

  • Yashica J-3 35mm SLR
    Yashica J-3 35mm SLR ¥1,000

    For parts/repair only. Very cool SLR I wanted to restore, but I'm just not going to get around to it. The shutter fires but the shutter speed dial doesn't change anything. Film advance is very smooth and the lever has some cool brassing. Timer is jammed.

  • Induro PHD3 heavy-duty tripod head
    Induro PHD3 heavy-duty tripod head ¥9,000

    Lightly used. Very strong, very smooth tripod head. Ideal for large/heavy cameras and lenses. 44.1 lb/20 kg load capacity. Original price USD $200

What I've Discarded

NB: this gallery won’t contain absolutely everything, it’s more a means to demonstrate to myself how much progress I’ve made. 

Last updated 2021-01-20