№ 4: On Current Challenges and Roadblocks

Just a cloud
Just a cloud. Frankly I’m in too much of a rush and would rather get this post up than spend a while looking for a more relevant image. Better luck next time.

This is part of the post I’ve been pecking away at during break time at work, occasionally on weekends, and during other down time. It is only part because I realized recently that it was better split up into at least two posts. It was to be an examination of the various difficulties currently facing me in my overall quest to start a business and get out of teaching English. The problem with that is that there are a couple major categories of difficulties, which together make for a single post of unwieldy length. First, there are the typical challenges and roadblocks: the practical difficulties inherent to any undertaking. The three biggest groups there are typically problems of time, money, and because I’m an immigrant here: permission. The other major category of difficulty are the gumption traps, which is a less familiar concept. These are the difficulties of those things that frustrate us, that sap our motivation and energy when we so much as think of them. While regular challenges make us tired in body, gumption traps make us tired in spirit. The former category is more straightforward and where I’ll begin today. Continue reading

№ 2: What the hell am I trying to do, anyway?

Sakura in Saitama
Sakura at a park in Saitama, as seen my very first night living in Japan.
While it’s easy enough for one to set out with an exclamation of I’m going to start a business! and the vision of assumed future success twinkling in the eyes of the would-be entrepreneur, a lack of specificity is what kills a lot of attempts right out of the gate. This is what has killed many of my projects and attempted businesses in the past. Gumption and enthusiasm don’t count for shit when one’s aim isn’t clear enough to provide enough direction to effectively define mission, objectives, and actions.  The momentum-killing properties of a lack of clarity are multiplied when one’s day-to-day is dominated by overwork and a chronic lack of sleep. Irregular usable free time doesn’t help, either. The list of complicating factors currently driving me crazy is a mile long, but today I’m here not to talk about what’s in my way, but rather that thing at which I am aiming. So what is my goal, anyway?

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